Welcome to the sethontheroad.com print purchasing engine. Here you can purchase any photographs that have been marked as available for purchase in the galleries.

The following outlines all print sizes, actual image sizes, and prices:


8.5x11 Print

Print Size: 8.5"x11"
Actual Image Size: 6.5"x9.0"

Unframed: $25xx



11x14 Print

Print Size: 11"x14"
Actual Image Size: 9"x12"

Unframed: $50xx



13x18 Print

Print Size: 13"x18"
Image Size: 11.25"x15"

Unframed: $75x

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I have gone to great lengths to ensure that each print available for sale on sethontheroad.com is of the highest photographic quality. The printed images nearly always surpass the quality reflected in the largest image previews available online, so please don't be deterred from image quality problems you find in the previews; they'll more than likey be nonexistant in the physical print you receive.

If you have any lingering questions about print purchasing, feel free to write to purchase@sethontheroad.com.