Getting the most out of the image galleries is designed as a flexible digital

gallery, one that has its own preset "sequence" of images

and text but still allows viewers to look at and compare any

set of images or jump to a specific series of images. To see

the entire sequence of images, simply click on the "next"

button in the bottom right-hand corner of every page. If you

would like to see an image enlarged and in better detail,

click directly on the image. A pop-up window will appear

with the enlarged image. You can keep these images open

at any time without interrupting the sequence of images in

the rest of the site; just click back to the window containing

the smaller image and continue on by clicking on the "next"


Built into the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the

site is additional functionality which allows you to better

and more dynamically navigate the site. A header at the top

of each page will tell you what section you are in (e.g.

"Europe" or "South America"), and that section title will

also appear on the left-hand menu bar in a darker, bolder

orange color. Clicking on any of the lighter-colored section

titles in the menu bar will take you to the beginning of that

section, while clicking the section title that you are already

in will cause a new pop-up window to appear with an index of

all chapters or series for that section. Click on any chapter

title in the pop-up window to go directly to that chapter (you

can try it right now with the menu bar in the introduction!).

Additional functionality has also been added to the top of

each page, in the header just above the images. Below the

section title is a list of each city or region visited within

that continent. Clicking on any one of these city/region

titles will cause a new pop-up window to appear that

contains an "index" of all the images from that given

area. Clicking on the image title or thumbnail will produce

yet another window containing an enlarged version of the

image. I have added functionality in this way (i.e. creating

new windows for individual images from the index) so

viewers can jump to or compare specific images without

interrupting the overall sequence--and I hope this feature

comes in handy!