Purpose and structure

XXThough it is for the most part arranged

chronologically with respect to my travels, my site also

attempts to draw parallels or point out similarities between

different places and settings. I have divided the images

first into sections based upon the continent visited

(Europe, South America, Asia) and then within those

sections further subdivisions appear in the form of small

series of photographs, each prefaced with a few paragraphs

of text. The series usually revolve around a specific

geographic area, and so offer not only an aesthetic idea,

but also a glimpse at and interpretation of a place as well.

At the beginning of each subdivision or "chapter" of a

section, I briefly discuss a theme or concept that becomes

realized visually in the images that follow. These written

prefaces aren't meant to force any one particular reading of

the images, but instead offer one possible interpretation of

the work I present, and also serve as an easy way of

separating, subdividing, and making more manageable an

otherwise overwhelming collection of nearly 400 images.

Indeed, the flexibility inherent to many of the images in the

site--their ability to easily appear in multiple sections and

be juxtaposed with many other images--means that viewers

will often make their own interpretations and connections,

perhaps seeing how images in different series or even from

different continents come together in unique and intriguing

ways. It's for that reason that I have built quite a bit of

subtle functionality into this site.